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An Iranian immigrant in his forties, ADIL JABBAR, is released from prison. 


He is innocent, but has served 13 months sentence to settle his debt for a deadly gang. He still owes them money, so he has to disappear. He steals his con artist BROTHERS´s identity. Under his brother’s name he heads to ALVAJÄRVI, the northernmost village of Finnish Lapland.


Adil lands a nice job in Alvajärvi as a Sales Presentative of ALVA AQUA, a thriving export company of bottled water. 


For a really small village, Alvajärvi is uniquely colourful, multicultural and economicly blooming. The bottling plants policy of hiring immigrants has attracted a wide variety of people from different corners of the world. 

The harsh winters have made Alvajärvi a perfect spot for LARRY MC QUEEN, a winter tyre specialist from US. It also serves as a retreat for a burned out journalist ARJA MAKKONEN, who eventually can´t help herself and gets involved in the events with Larry.


Beneath the Alvajärvi there is a huge aquifer, containing 400 cubic kilometers of ground water. Alva Aqua pumps the water from the wells, originating from the ice age, and exports it to arabic countries.


At the neigbouring village, TALVIKURU, an international mining conglomerate, ONYX RESERVE, is heading for a dead end. Their mine is closed due to enviromental reasons. Because of this there are a lot of angry unemployed people in Talvikuru. They´re bitter, not only to Alvajärvi and it´s thriving bottling plant, but also to the immigrants working there. Racist tensions are rising.

SIR MARTIN GOODE, C.E.O of Onyx Reserve, is anything but ready to give up. He has bribed JARI SAPALA, the Mayor of Alvajärvi. It will be Sapala’s task to make sure that his council will back up a plan re-opening Talvikuru mine

(which is a serious threat to his own village’s indispensable water resources.)


Certain members of Finland´s POLITICAL ELITE are also involved in Sir Martin’s and Onyx Reserve’s plot. 


Jari Sapala is living a really complicated life. His financial situation is collapsing. His adorable but confused gothic teenage daughter, LILJA, has an odd friendhip with a local neo nazi woman, RAIJA. Sapala’s wife suspects him of adultery - and for good reason.

MARLA BACKMAN, representative of multinational, seemingly eco friendly water company, ECOAQUA, arrives to Alvajärvi. She offers to buy Alva Aqua. Offer is very tempting, but the things are not what they seem to be.


EcoAqua and Onyx Reserve are actually owned by same group of people: some of the planet´s wealthiest individuals and members of the world’s political elite. Their plan is to get Talvikuru minerals and Alvajärvi water under their control.


Adil proofs to be excellent in his job and wins trust of his employer, TAISTO KALTIO, founder of Alva Aqua. Taisto is so pleased with Adil´s actions that he promises a small share of the company for Adil. Options would make Adil a rich man and a steady job would be something that he has always dreamed of.


Marla Continues the negotiations, the offer keeps getting better.

Taisto hesitates, because he fears that Ecoaqua would not be very responsible employer for his old staff. Taisto is an old man, but as Adil keeps on closing great deals, Taisto even thinks postponing his own retirement for a year or so…


Then Marla finds out that Adil is using false identity. So now Marla has a leverage. She wants Adil to convince Taisto to sell his firm to Ecoaqua. (Adil would even get to keep his options and get rich.)


At the same time the quarrel between people in Talvikuru and Alvajärvi escalades. Because of the water plant and it´s fragile water resources there is a chance that mine would never be opened. And people need work.

Some nasty things start to happen in Alvajärvi. Vandalism, sabotage and racial attacs.

Adil’s got to choose.


If Alva Aqua is sold, he will get rich. If he wants to be loyal for Taisto and employees he should stop Marla. The gang he owes money to, is still on his trail, his brothers abandondoned fiance is blackmailing him and he´s going broke.


To add pressure, Marla agitates the local far right supporters against Alva Aqua’s multinational staff. She gets local troublemaker, Raija, on her side. Raija is a bitter and troubled woman, willing to do anything to save her dear homeland from an ”occupation of muslim terrorists”.


Adil decides to confess Taisto. He tells the whole story. Taisto is not surprised, but he says that he must think for a while. 


Following night there is a huge explosion in the water plant. The plant was supposed to be empty, but Taisto is found dead inside.    

Marla is celebrating her victory, but gets cocky. Her plot is exposed by Larry and Arja (now romantically involved.) Their investigation gives Adil ammunition for a full blown attack against Marla and Sir Martin. 


Adil forces Marla to leave Alvajärvi.


Raija is arrested for exploding the water plant, but who is really behind the bombing?


A few members of Finnish government have to back off from Sir Martins plot and wash their hands in public. Their nameless bank accounts in tax havens are put on hold, for a while.


Alva Aqua is saved and Taisto’s widow ANNA keeps the majority of the company. Adil steps in as the new C.E.O.


Thinks start running smoothly again. Until Adil´s brother appears.

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